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Solid Cologne Mix or Match 6 Pack

Product image 1Solid Cologne Mix or Match 6 Pack
Product image 2solid cologne, mens cologne, best solid colognes, mens colognes
Product image 3solid cologne, mens cologne, best solid colognes, mens colognes
Product image 4Solid Cologne Mix or Match 6 Pack
Product image 5solid cologne, mens cologne, best solid colognes, mens colognes
Product image 6solid cologne, mens cologne, best solid colognes, mens colognes
Product image 7solid cologne, mens cologne, best solid colognes, mens colognes
Product image 8solid cologne, mens cologne, best solid colognes, mens colognes
Product image 9Solid Cologne Mix or Match 6 Pack
Product image 10Solid Cologne Mix or Match 6 Pack
Product image 11Solid Cologne Mix or Match 6 Pack

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Our solid colognes melt at your fingertips for precise scent application.  This solid cologne 6 pack is perfect for traveling and easy to store in your pocket or gym bag.

A .5 oz. tin lasts a long time even with multiple applications per day. Our solid colognes will make a man smell his best no matter where he goes! 

These solid colognes pair perfectly with our matching beard care scents. Easily allowing you to wear without conflicting smells.

Pick 6 scents from the option drop down and receive (6) .5 solid colognes in the scents of your choosing.


  • Alcohol, phthalate, paraben Free
  • Super concentrated for a long lasting scent!
  • Travel friendly & TSA Approved 
  • Beeswax hydrates, conditions, soothes, and calms the skin.
  • Enriched with Coconut oil to Moisturize skin
  • Handcrafted in small batches in the U.S.A.

Scent List:

Backwoods An intoxicating blend of Eucalyptus, Cedarwood, Fir needle, and Dark patchouli.

Double Tap: Double Tap is a fresh and clean old time barbershop scent that recreates the essence of sitting in a old-time barbershop. Double Tap is a masculine scent with a clean, sharp finish with notes of bergamot, fresh basil leaf and is complemented by earthy notes of Oak moss and white patchouli.

Kentucky Mash: Kentucky Mash is the perfect gentlemen's blend of sandalwood and bourbon with a hint of spice. An elegant and sophisticated scent for any occasion

Timber: Timber is a classic masculine scent that leads you to the rustic woods. Timber has a soft and mellow side with a touch of warm amber that will make you want to wander and linger in the woods! 

Isla De Muerta: Escape to your favorite tropical paradise with our exotic, refreshing blend of creamy coconut and pineapple

Havana Smoke: Havana Smoke is a warm and pleasant masculine blend with the scent of fresh tobacco mixed with a hint of dark rum & mint

Juggernaut is a rich, earthy scent with dark notes of black leather, oud wood, patchouli, and enhanced with vetiver. This unique and masculine scent blend is appropriate for any occasion and any season. Juggernaut is the latest addition to our Beards Never Die collection.  

Nemesis: A masculine, fresh scent of cedar and leather with undertones of amber. The perfect scent blend to wear throughout the year!

Dead Man is a sophisticated, masculine scent blend balanced with nuances of fresh cut rosewood, black amber, jasmine and sheer musk. Dead Man is a seductive scent that is potent enough to whisk through the wind and draw the attention of any woman passing your direction. This scent is masculine in every sense, and is one that drives women wild.

Rum Dumb is an exclusive blend of premium bay leaf oils, citrus, exotic Caribbean spices with a hint of dark rum. This creates a distinctively masculine scent to be enjoyed as part of your beard grooming routine. Rum Dumb is a warm, rich scent unlike any other. Complex and unique, yet timeless.

Numbskull: Stay cool when the heat is on with our unique scent blend that refreshes the senses, leave you feeling vital and confident. We have created a true masculine blend with marine top notes and splashes of eucalyptus with a hint of cooling mint contrasted with soft musk. Both cool and refreshing with an invigorating effect. 

Bonehead: This scent creates a complex and sophisticated fragrance that is both bold and sensual. The warm and woody notes of cedar, teakwood, and amber are balanced by the sweet and comforting scents of tonka, and musk, creating a fragrance that is both rugged and refined. This fragrance is perfect for anyone who wants to exude confidence, masculinity, and a touch of sensuality.

What Our Customers Are Saying....

"I have just tried one my 3 colognes. Having it in the form of a balm is very convenient and promotes less waste. The scents that I purchased smell great."
-Michael E.

"Smells so good and last throughout the day."
-Brian R.

"This is my first experience with solid cologne as well as with Skully’s products and I’m definitely pleased. I’ll be buying more."
-Johnnie W.

"I got 3 different scents and love each of them. Goes on easy and chick's love it"
-Mike M.

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 Beeswax, coconut oil, fragrance 

  1. Gently rub fingers along the balm in a circular motion and apply to your pulse points (wrist, neck, etc.) 2. Reapply throughout the day as desired. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Smells great!

I've had several compliments about Rum Dumb and Double Tap. My wife loves the new scents. Happy mommy, happy Tommy! Thanks Skully's!


Great products

Great products

I bought the beard oils and the solid cologne together they work well I'll be looking at buying more of Skullys products in the near future keep up the great work

Mark D.
Great Deal

Excellent quality and price. Shipped super fast and they all smell GREAT!!!!!

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