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Pumpkin Head

By far is my favorite! Wish it was available year round. Super great smell!!!

Smells Great!

Smells great, wife loves the scent, I got a bunch of scents, they all smell incredible and are in nice small easy to carry containers and are reasonably priced! Going to buy the kit now!

Kentucky Mash

Very nice, great smooth aroma. I will buy again


Backwoods is a great scent! My sons used the last bottle of beard wash for their hair!

Love the seasonal scents!

Still one of my favorite seasonal scents from Skully’s!!

Mix it and Match it

Smell good at twice the oil for a great price. This is a great option for those with a gnarly awesome beard that needs a good amount of earl. Do it!

Love this stuff

I love Skullys beard products period! Especially the Backwoods scent profile. It has an earthy, natural smell. My wife likes it as well. Shensaidnits one of her favorite scents from Skullys. Keep up the good work team Skullys!

The PERFECT scent

This is my second tin of Pumpkin Head cologne. This is the perfect smell for fall and the cologne is easy to put on. I will be stocking up soon.

Havana smoke beard oil

This oil is great! The smell lasts a long time. Have been trying different brands and really like this brand

Solid Cologne - Dead Man
Ronald Duchatelier

Good cologne not overwhelming, easy to put on and smells great

Great products

I bought the beard oils and the solid cologne together they work well I'll be looking at buying more of Skullys products in the near future keep up the great work


The picks help me get the right amount of product without overdoing it. I use them for both the balm and cologne.

Great product and perfect scent

Will definitely buy again

Love the smell and feel in beard. Great products, will definitely be ordering more!

Best beard comb!

I love this comb! Having two sides makes managing my beard a breeze. Best beard comb I have used!

Shark Bait Beard oil, Beard wash & Beard balm combo pack ( Summer Limited Edition) Only Available Until Sept. 8th'

I got the shark bait and it actually does have a good smell of beach style environment from food to the air. No complaints !


gives the nice aroma of sitting at a cigar bar with a nice glass of bourbon

Shark Bait (Summer Limited Edition) Beard Oil 1 oz. - Only Available Until Sept. 8th

Smooth scent and feel!

Just because gift for a friend!!

I bought the travel pack in Kentucky Mash as a gift for a friend and he absolutely loved it and the scent smelled absolutely amazing.

Isla De Muerta Beard Oil 1 oz.
Cody - The MountainMan
Pirate Adventure on the open Seas and a Tropical Island Scent Surprise!

This was my first order after just recently finding Skullys Ctz Beard Oil and hearing such good reviews and seeing their awesome artwork and different great sounding scent profiles I was excited to get my first order and try for the first time, and let me say I was not disappointed at all, all the hype was real and everything from the great customer service, artwork, awesome stickers that I ordered and they threw in couple extra, the oil quality itself and the scent was like idk for me especially paired with the name, was like being on a pirate ship setting sail on the seven seas for adventure with a great tropical ocean air blowing through my beard, if that can help paint a picture lol.. the scent was great and one of my favorite I've ever come across from any other beard companies. So I definitely recommend!

"Marooned" Ultimate Beard Care Kit (Summer Limited Edition) Available Until Sept. 8th
Blake H
Already put in another order

I ordered a Marooned kit a couple weeks ago and, to be honest, the artwork got me. My wife came home and I had her check it out. She put another cart together, but then wanted my card info for the order...

Being a limited scent, I just went ahead and ordered another round and added some extras.

Marooned Beard oil, Beard wash & Beard butter Combo Pack (Limited Edition) Only Available Until Sept. 8th
Excellent product

I love this oil, keeps my beard soft and shiny. Smells great, not too strong, just the right amount . Will buy more!

Shark Bait (Summer Limited Edition) Beard Balm 2 oz. - Only Available Until Sept.8th
Matt Laurice
Shark bait beard balm

Great long lasting scent

"Marooned" (Summer Limited Edition) Beard Oil 1 oz. - Only Available Until Sept. 8th
Zachary Wright

Great product!

Beard butter

The beard butter is awesome

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