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Love the smell

Super Size Beard Oil 4 oz. (11 scents to choose from)


Looking forward to trying my samples out!!

Thanks n God Bless!!!

Good oil, but the scent is a bit lighter than I expected

The oil itself is great. Moisturizes my skin and helps to keep beard itch away. The scent is fantastic, but not as strong as I'd hoped it would be. Still a very good beard oil, but if the scent was stronger it would be a top choice for me.

Love love love!

Bought as a gift and myself, and he liked it! Plan to buy again for sure! Highly recommend.

Combo pack

Skully's products are fantastic! After using Skully's for just over 2 weeks my beard is both softer and more manageable. Thanks for making quality products Skully's!

Rum Dumb

Oil and butter is absolutely amazing. Leaves my beard feeling super soft. And this scent is awesome!!!!

Love this product

The double tap beard oil smells so good and my beard looks and feels great. Highly recommend.

Best scent to date

Love this scent I will be ordering more!


Awesome scents!! Looking forward to trying them.

Thanks n God Bless You!!!

Smell Goods

I am enjoying all your products. Particularly the Backwoods Beard Balm

Smells Great!

The variety of different scents are really good,.and the oils are making my face feel amazing.

Good balm, but light scent

The balm itself is great. It melts easy enough and has good hold, but the scent is not near as strong as I thought it would be. The scent is very nice, but the amount is light. With a name like Juggernaut I thought the scent would be much stronger. Some don't like strong scents and that's fine. As good as this scent is I just wish it was stronger.

Oils well that ends well

Bought yet another amazing scent and once again was extremely happy with it!!!

Great intro, and no scent is real!!

This kit has given me a great intro to beard care. And most importantly to me: the unscented products TRULY have no scent. Would recommend!!

Solid Cologne - Double Tap
Timothy Weisel Sr

Solid Cologne - Double Tap

Irish Mint

One of my personal favorites, I’ve bought this three years in a row and I never get tired of it. Always look forward to it coming back each time!

Great scent

Scent is great, leaves my beard feeling soft. The beard oil was missing from original order and they got the bottle sent out right away

Great sample pack

I have searched for years for beard oil that smells good and actually softens my beard. This sample gives you a hearty amount of oil for you to try each scent for multiple days if not a week. This oil does keep my beard soft. Now the trouble is deciding which scent is my favorite! Numskull and nemesis has my wife extra handsy!

Great scent and great product!

I recently started growing a beard again after 10 years of being smooth faced. After doing some research I found Skully's. I chose the Lucky Ultimate Beard Care Kit. The wash and conditioner is great. The balm makes my beard more manageable and the scent lasts long. The oil is great and keeps my beard well conditioned.
Thanks guys for making an incredible product.

Solid Cologne - Rum Dumb
Jeffrey Labofish

The solid cologne smells great and I immediately got compliments

Lucky smells Lucky

Smells nice, leaves beard soft and smelling great.

Scully sampler

My husband absolutley loves your stuff he has oils butter soap shampoo conditioner and has not tried one he doesnt like & he said the very best customer service & that alone is wonderful☺️

Skully's Sticker 3 Pack

Double Tap

Awesome product!

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