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Are You Using Beard Oil the Right Way?

We receive more questions about our Beard Oils than any other product. Fortunately, it's super easy to use. We recommend to use Beard Oil early and often.

Beard Oil is used to soften, condition, and fragrance your beard, as well as moisturize the skin underneath. Beard Oil can help ease the awkward, itchy phase when a beard is new and growing, and will also soften, moisturize and detangle your facial hair.
When to apply beard oil?
Daily application of Beard Oil should begin as soon as you decide to grow your beard, because it is also an excellent skin conditioner. The best time to apply beard oil is after a hot shower, when your hairs are the cleanest and softest; this is when your skin and hair most easily absorbs beard oils.

Use 3-4 drops of Beard Oil first thing after you get out of the shower, using more as your beard grows. You can find more information on how to use Beard Oil here

Beardless – 1 month
3-4 drops Daily treatment
1 – 3 months
4-6 drops Daily treatment
3 – 12 months
6-10 drops Daily treatment
12 months +
10 drops and up Daily treatment

Make Beard Oil a part of your daily beard care routine, and your beard will grow out soft, manageable, and luxurious. To learn more about the benefits of beard oil click here or click below to check out the best smelling beard oil!

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